Blast of Silence

by SinistAer

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Written and recorded in Attic of Despair Studio for The Horned Moon Cult Prod. MMIX

Dedicated to the Film Noir genre


released May 6, 2009

Count Sinistre: All Instruments, cigarette buds, alcohol, etc.



all rights reserved


SinistAer Netherlands

Count Sinistre: All instruments of torture, noise pollution, vöx (black bile), short & sweetness...

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Track Name: Little Caeser
No two bits...
See this dirty mug
Shoot point blank
Play act and smug

A low & dirty copper
Pretentious and arrogant
Keep out of the way
Phony interogation

Little Caeser

Think big
To the top you'll rise
Be tough
Make your enemies dspise...


Is this the end...?
Track Name: Scarface (1930)
Do it first
Do it yourself
Keep on doing it

The world is yours!
Track Name: Nightmare Alley
See here, the twilight of
The tricks of the trade
The things no one knows

Behold, step right up!
This is gonna be
The ride of your life

Enter, come forth
Go, into a deep sleep

Nightmare (x3)

So soon, you're leaving?
We ain't taken all of your money yet

Until the next time
You'll be the deserving victim in/of...

Track Name: Double Indemnity
Track Name: Hell is a City
Hell is a city
Devoid of light
Catered to your needs
Where might is right

Where solitude is favorable
To cast out the sheep
As wolves among
Inherit (the earth) we shall

Divide and conquer;
The will to power
Carnal we are
With passion to devour

Based on abstinence
Eastern philosophy
Crushed by decadence


Trample the weak with might
March under the banner of earthly delight
Track Name: Black Angel
Lust and hedonism
I do enjoy my sin
I am epicurean
In this world I always win

I'm atheist first
Indulge how I see fit
Begotten in darkness

Black Angel
Track Name: Murder, My Sweet
She is not worthy of this place
Her game comes to an end
In fire engulfed
She will fall from grace

Murder, my sweet...!

His death won't give you salvation
My love, you are so cheap
Won't kill for you, beg for you
Steal for you, hang for you
Myself I will not cheat

She's not worthy of this place
She knows not indeed
Invoke once more the fire
To poison him forever

Track Name: Scarlet Street
There's liars in the street
Corrupting everything
Don't dwell in the past
I don't regret one thing!

Blood flows forever
Scarlet - The new - Aeon

Profound in reverie
Conve then split the sky
Forever within
The wicked(ness) shall rise!

Track Name: Killers
Play by no one's rules
Exert my will
Hate is stronger than death
All is human folly

Towards the gateways of silence
You vow to never speak
Doomed to suffer through infinity
Life is not what you seek

We are predatory by instinct
We don't turn the other cheek

One bows down to the creature
The other's addicted to dope
No wonder we ain't seeing progress
Apocalypse: your final hope

Strength through joy, be our will
Give praise to none, let it be done!
Track Name: The Asphalt Jungle
Thy kingdom is of paper
Plastic, irrelevant materialism
Your debt is your own abyss

If light is what you seek
It's for sure...
It's borne out of darkness

Take shelter in your coven
Your cult, blankets of despair
You reap, what others have sewn

Pay for your wants, your needs
Your own death
Recognize the slave within?
Debt is eternal servitude

What man has made
Man can destroy
Track Name: Somewhere in the Night
Found raped in the gutter
Rats clawing off her face
A heartless cold night
(Predicts) terror at dawn

He got lost amidst violence...

Rain soaked streets
Drains her blood clean

She spills blood
Somewhere in the night...

He got lost amidst violence
She spills blood
Somewhere in the night...
Track Name: The Seventh Victim (Bonus Track)
Who's to say what's right or wrong
If I prefer to believe in the will to power
Who can deny me..."

Where do your ideals come from?
Death is a part of life
I do my will, my way
Choose my devils wisely

Scapegoat; victimize
Death-cult; coven of lies