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3rd album by SinistAer

This album is dedicated to the occult tradition of the Tarrot in it's many varied forms. The lyrics are taken from the book The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish respectively. NO MONEY IS BEING MADE OFF OF THIS! The words fitted perfect in the whole and was an inspiration to complete this mini opus. Every song is a card from the deck & it's explanation; a sort of 'magical working' in a way (to me anyway).


released September 22, 2007

All words are from the book The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish.



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SinistAer Netherlands

Count Sinistre: All instruments of torture, noise pollution, vöx (black bile), short & sweetness...

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Track Name: The World
From Malkuth to the threshold of the Astral plane in Yesod

Naked woman, holding a wand in (each) hand (and) dancing, in a garland of flowers

Symbol of joy, lightness and release
The leaving of earthly existence and the entry into a higher world

This is death in a sense
Subduing of the mind
Thru the cabalist's exercise(s)

Saturn is the planet of death
And the ash, yew & cypress
Are associated with...
Death & Graveyards!
Track Name: The Day of Judgement
A great winged angel blows a trumpet
And the dead rise up from their tombs

What is that within us sounds a trumpet
And all that is lower in our nature rises in response-

Almost in a moment, almost in the twinkling of an eye?
Desire; sexual or spiritual

Symbol of aspiration, the yearning for better things...
Track Name: The Sun
It's path leads to Hod and it shows the descent of light from on high,
The dazzling light of true intelligence which frees the mind

The light purges away
Beginning a process which is continued
Although he still thinks of himself as a seperate being,

The cabalist begins to identify himself conciously with the one life of the universe,
Represented by the sun

Like the merciless and keen-sighted Sparrowhawk he soars toward the sun.
Track Name: The Moon
The moon is one from light to darkness
The Moon hangs in the nightsky shedding drops of blood on a path
Which leads away into the distance between two worlds

A dog & wolf are howling at the moon
And a crab crawls up on to the land from a pool

18 reduces to 9, number of initiation
Shown here as the breaking of the hymen

Symbol of the underworld of the mind
And the cabalist's penetration of the unknown
Track Name: The Star
A beautiful naked girl pours water from two vases on to the earth and into a pool

Behind her trees and shrubs are blossoming and in the sky is a star
Surrounded by seven lesser stars

There are eight stars altogether
(And) 17 reduces to 8
The number of new life

The girl is nature pouring out the water of life
To revive the world in the spring time
Track Name: The Falling Tower
A Flesh coloured tower
It's upper part shaped like a crown
Is struck by a bolt of lightning
And is beginning to crumble

Two men are falling
From it headlong
An obvious symbol of ejaculation

It stands for the collapse
Of a false philosophy
For the perception
As one authority puts it;

"That the structure of knowledge
Built on the foundation of the fallacy
Of personal seperateness
Is a tower of false science"
Track Name: The Devil
The Devil has wings, horns & claws and holds a man and a woman on a leash of chains

Solo (In Babylonia the number 15 was sacred to Ishtar, Goddess of sexual love)

The Devil frequently appears as a goat
And the goat & ass are both symbols of lust

The Devil is the angel who rebelled from pride and was cast down to earth

Emblem of power
Standing for the dominating forces (of) pride, ambition & lust
Track Name: Temperance
A higher continuation of the world
Connecting Tiphereth & Yesod

It shows a figure
Pouring liquid
From a silver cup
Into a golden one

The silver cup is Yesod (The Moon)
The golden one is Tiphereth (The Sun)
And the pouring of the liquid
Is the flood which the soul mounts to a higher

Sagittarius - The Huntsman
Is a centaur
Half beast and half man
Track Name: Death
Death is skeleton with a scythe
He is mowing a field of heads
But hands & feet are growing in their place

This is a symbol of death
And resurrection in nature

The lopped heads are the seeds which fall to the ground

From which new shoots
Hands & feet grow

Raising the dead to life
Phallic connotation
The scorpion rules the genitals and is in turn ruled by Mars

The planet of violent energy!
Track Name: The Hanged Man
Death is a gateway to life
Not only to life in the higher world of the spirit after the death of the body
But also to life in this world

Because new human life
Results from the 'death'
Of the phallus in ejaculation

The hanged man swings limply from a gibbit
Head downwards, with two bags of gold dangling from his hands
And on his face an expression of pleased serenity

He is passion spent
The completion of a process
And 12 is the number of completeness
Track Name: Justice
The judgement which follows
The death in the hanged man
Is a woman holding a sword in her right hand,
Scales in her left

She is justice in a sense
Of an exact balance

The adept achieves a condition
Of passive equilibrium
In which the conflicting elements (of his nature)
Are equally balanced

He does not prefer any idea or course of action to any other
And he matches each idea or action with it's opposite

Undergoing purgatory
Track Name: The Wheel of Fortune
A wheel of seven spokes
Presided over by an angel
Who holds a sword in one hand
And a crown in another

It stands for destiny, fate,
The unvarying cycle of nature

The ebb & flow of the iron tides of life & death
Growth & decay
To which all things are subject

10 is the number of all things
The wheal is the occult law of karma;

As a man sows, so shall he reap
Track Name: The Hermit
The hermit is an old man wrapped in a cloak
Carrying a lantern and a staff
His path joins Hesid, the father
With Tiphereth, the sun, the life-force

It blends the idea of the ancient of days with the light of the world
Isolated & withdrawn from the world,
He is yet a light & beacon to others

Yod is the letter of the phallus
Creative power, and in terms of sexual symbolism
The hermit means masturbation

The true self has reached puberty
(As it were) the magician has found the master in himself
Complete in himself
Solitary & virgin
(The hermit's plants all have white flowers)

Emblems of purity

He is a symbol of the fertitlity
Of absolute
Track Name: Strength
Strength is a woman
Forcibly closing the jaws of the lion
Parallel to the falling tower
At a higher level

It is another emblem of discipline
Crowley's formula
Of the beast conjoined with the woman

Orgiastic, perverse
(Joins the) opposite spheres
(Of) love & mercy
Cruelty & hate

The woman's unnatural dominance of the lion
Implies the discipline of submission to the abnormal & distasteful

Nature (is) outraged
(By magic;) man is bestialized
(And) woman defiled
(The) pulsing excitement

Self discovery (of)
This discipline
(Is) the beginning of
A rapturous ecstasy
Track Name: The Chariot
A warrior rides in a chariot
Drawn by two sphinxes
One white, and one black

The sphinxes have been substituted
To show that the charioteer
Has solved the riddle of the Sphinx

(They are) Black & white for the opposites
(Which the) magician has yoked in his (own) nature (And) on the front of the chariot is the lingam,
Symbol of the union of the sexes

To reach the Godhead
He must destroy himself
(As an) individual man (and) identify himself with the universe which is God

He annihilates his mortal human personality
(And) returns to the womb of Binah (or) Babalon,
The mother of all, (who is) also the whore
Track Name: The Lovers
The lovers shows a man
Choosing between two women

In the passage of the abyss
(The) magician has a choice
Between obedience & disobedience to a higher law

If he accepts self-annihilation
He's reborn when he follows the path of the Empress

If he refuses, he becomes a black brother
Isolated from the rest of the universe

In the hard & evil shell
Of his own egotism
Track Name: The Pope
The Pope is called the hierophant
(One who) reveals sacred things by occultists

He is the magus who has attained spiritual power & authority

He corresponds to the process of 'projection' in alchemy
(In which the perfect substance or Philospher's Stone is mingled)

With a base metal to turn it to gold
(And he) stands for the intervention
(Of the divine) in earthly life - solo

He holds the key of heaven & hell
Which signify the knowledge of good & evil
And his right hand is raised in the blessing called
The sign of esotericism
Track Name: The Emperor
The Emperor is the alter ego of the Pope,
The ruler of all things material
He stands for worldly authority, (organisation),
Government, law & order

(The) outward form (and) arrangement of things
He sits on his throne holding a sceptre

The arms of the throne end in ram's heads
Which come from Aries, the ram,
The sign of virile energy & domination

The Emperor is God or man imposing order and form on things
The Magus who 'declares his law'
And dominates all things beneath him

The owl is the bird of Athene
The warrior-Goddess of wisdom
And Hokmah
Is the wisdom of God
Track Name: The Empress
The Empress is pregnant, fair-haired & smiling
Her path links Hokmah to Binah
The active and passive or
Male and female principles in God

The sparrow and the dove are amorous birds
And subject to Venus

The swan is a symbol of satisfied desire
It's phallic neck joined to it's cteic body
The Empress is often identified with the woman clothed with the sun in Revelation

Standing for beauty, pleasure & fertility,
The teeming life of nature
Her pregnancy represents the evolution of Godhead
From infinite to finite

Through the creation of the universe

The magician must go through the same evolution to reach Hokmah
He has become one with the Godhead in Binah and therefore infinite
Track Name: The Female Pope
Called the High Priestess by occultists
(Is a) dark crowned girl with a triple tiara
And the horns of the moon
Sitting on a throne between two pillars

The pillars mean duality
Opposites & Woman
Between them is a veil
The unbroken hymen, virginity

Man must penetrate the virgin
Or reconcile the opposites in his nature,
And destroy his own duality to become the one

The magician will destroy
All duality of action in the Fool
All duality of purpose
In the Juggler
Track Name: The Juggler
Called the magician by occultists
He's a celestial juggler
Who keeps the golden balls
Of life in endless play

A symbol of the single-minded creative will of man

1 is the number of beginning
The first cause, the erect phallus
And the swallow stands for spring
The beginning of a cycle
The quickening of life
Track Name: The Fool
He is a jester in motley
With a stick and bundle over his shoulder
Close to the edge of a great cliff

He is happily chasing a butterfly
Not looking where he's going
And his next step
Will take him over the cliff

The Fool is a symbol of foolishness (or madness)
But his is a divine folly
And the fool is also the perfected spirit of man approaching the one

The one pervades all things
And is free of all limitations
It contains all qualities and yet it has no qualities
(For to do so is to limit it)

The Fool is the zero
Which contains all things but is no-thing
He is a free, as all pervading
And is insubstantial as the air